Ann Buckner's Massage Therapy
About the Practitioner



Mission Statement

    To Improve Your Quality of Life!


Practise Philosophy

I evaluate and discuss with you your muscle structure to determine Muscular Imbalances. After which I address your main area of concern using what techniques we discuss to be best for you to bring the muscles back into their proper position. I often give you a homework assignment to help maintain or improve your muscle imbalance


Institutes of Training & Certifications

Healing Hands Institute, Oceanside Ca

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA

Elite Continuing Education - Philadelphia, PA

Sage Continuing Education - Lancaster PA


A Little About Me

I enjoy working out at a gym, and doing extreme sports of different kinds.... Lately I have enjoyed doing grappling and mixed martial arts.

I love reading books on History and Self Improvement. I may read or listening to audio books / podcasts an hour a day. I watch very little TV and focus daily on physical, mental and spiritual growth.

I also am a good looking Grandma who enjoys wrestling with my grandchildren!  ....2 live here locally, the other 3 live in Arizona.


Modalities Used

Deep Tissue,

Trigger Points,

Electronic Acupressure,

Polarity Therapy




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