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Bill Schaller


Patti D'Amico

I have been a client of Ann Buckner for at least a full year and have  been extremely pleased with her work on me as well as the professional and caring approach she takes.  Over the past 18 or more years I have been treated by at least 7 or 8 different Massage Therapists for Deep Tissue Work. Without a doubt, the work Ann does surpasses any of the other therapists I have used. 

Prior to  the actual massage, we sit down and discuss the areas of my body that are of highest priority along with a physical observation on her part so that she can also assess my condition from her professional viewpoint.  

Ann listens intently and takes notes so as to remember from time to time the various pains and conditions that were discussed. 
 Each visit is different. depending on my concerns and needs.  In the past, I have had massage therapists who pretty much did the identical massage every time.   This has not been the case with Ann.   Generally speaking Ann uses an accupressure machine on one or more parts of my body  to loosen up muscles in those areas, while she works on other parts of my body. Then by the time she gets to the areas that have been connected to the machine  everything is much looser and easier to work with.  

Ann is sincerely interested in her clients and in using her professional talents to make a difference in their quality of life.  I give her an A plus for making a real difference for me. !!

Patti D'Amico
Harrisburg, Pa

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Sue Bridgeman

I have been going to Ann for massages for over 10 years.  She is absolutely the best that I have ever experienced and I have had a lot of massages over the years.  Ann is the only therapist that really can use deep tissue to get into my muscles they way I need. She is very much on top of her field and uses different styles to help loosen my body. She always has been able to get me to relax and takes care of any issues I have with different parts of my body.     I am delighted to answer any questions for you as I know she 
is absolutely the best in her field!





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